Me getting down and dirty, :)

Hello and welcome to my photography website. My photos are primarily wildlife and nature scenes from around Northwest Arkansas. If you live around the area, there is a lot more out there than you think, :)

Also, join the Boxley Valley Arkansas Facebook group. The link is  

The group is growing fast, and come this fall, there should be an explosion of photos from people during the elk rut. 

All photos on this site can be ordered.  The price list below is for print only.  I can ship them for an extra fee if you aren't local to Berryville Arkansas area. If you are local, we can meet up for delivery.

4x6  -  $5

5x7  -  $7

8x10  - $10

11x14 - $20

12x18 - $30

16x20 - $40

16x24 - $50

20x30 - $60

To order, you can email me at

Just click the  Browse button to dive into the photos! Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy!
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